How to use Facetime

FaceTime is one of the most widely used features in Apple devices. It is possibly to use it on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and the Mac. The feature first appeared in 2010 on the iPhone 4. Generally speaking, FaceTime is a feature that allows users to communicate via video chat with other people via their Apple devices. It is free to use and can be used over either a Wi-Fi connection or cellular data. It is important to note that when it uses the latter, it can count against the user’s monthly data plan.

Knowing how to FaceTime is important if you own an iPhone, iPad or other Apple device that utilizes the service. The method involved in how to use FaceTime is quite simple. Each Apple device requires the user to enter a phone number and sometimes also an email address or several at which other people can reach him or her. This is entered in the settings under “FaceTime.” If an individual is using an iPod touch, Mac or iPad, they are reached via email address when another person contacts them. When using an iPhone, the individual can be contacted by their cellular phone number.

Doing a FaceTime Video Call is easy. In any Apple device, there is a list of contacts. There is no actual learning on how to FaceTime as all that is required is clicking on the FaceTime app and entering a contact’s name, email address or phone number. Of course, you will need a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. From there, you can actually choose whether to engage in a FaceTime call by video or simply with audio as one would do during a regular phone call. As long as the person being called also owns an Apple device that supports FaceTime and he or she has access to a data connection or Wi-Fi, the call will successfully go through and you can chat.

FaceTime was an extremely popular Apple service when it was first unveiled with the iPhone 4 in 2010. It continues to be successful due to the more personal experience the user gets in being able to see the individual with whom they are talking. It is now easier than ever to rely on it because of its availability in devices other than the iPhone. Additionally, it is possible to use FaceTime with anyone in the world without worry that it will carry hefty charges from wireless carriers.

FaceTime Video Call

FaceTime Video Call

Yet again, Apple has pulled off the unthinkable, developing FaceTime and introducing it to the hungry public in a timely fashion. Even though this application is currently available to only Apple’s devices, it boasts fewer limitations and more possibilities than its counterparts: Skype, ooVoo, Yahoo, Tango and all the others. Moreover, its counterparts lack the essentials to handle the functionality that FaceTime has and delivers in a convenient package–the kind of package that gives users a number of sweet benefits. Also have a look at How to FaceTime on iPhone 4.


When carrying out a FaceTime Video Call, users are free to do plenty of things:

  • Go wherever they want and take the world with them

Every second of the way, users can go wherever they desire to go, and they can start a FaceTime Video Call with whomever they want to show that person (or persons) everything they see, hear and experience.

  • Explore the depths of this application’s capabilities

While out and about, users can take all the time they need to ascertain what FaceTime is capable of outside of live video. Here is just one of the many things: Can make a two-second smile survive countless generations.

  • Share their beautiful views with others

Priceless moments are not that hard to come by. They are, however, difficult to remember when it comes to details. With FaceTime, users gain countless opportunities to capture priceless moments, remember them and share them for years and years.


Carrying out a FaceTime Video Call enables users to handle their business on the spot. There is no need for them to cancel their plans or be somewhere at a specific time. With a push of a button, FaceTime can be turned on, and, more important, users can carry out a face-to-face meeting with coworkers and see distant family and friends who they wish to reconnect with. Just by using FaceTime once, users will be left at one conclusion: Both their personal and professional life are easier to manage with FaceTime because it is time saving, convenient and user friendly.

More Ease & No Headaches

Believe it or not, there is no need to read manuals or call a representative from Apple to learn how to FaceTime. All that is required to activate this application is to click its icon, which can be found under each contact’s name. Once the icon is clicked, that is it. An invitation will be sent to the person being called–even if that person is already being talked to. Once he or she accepts the invitation, the conversation that was being carried out over the phone will now continue in a face-to-face video call. From the very first moment the video call is initiated to the last second right before it ends, the video call will be crystal clear and incredibly sharp. As far as ending the face-to-face video call is concerned, the process is no different from ending a phone call. Simply tap the screen to make the menu pop up; push the end button once it appears.

There is only one catch that comes with using FaceTime

  • In order to use this cutting-edge application, both the caller and the person being called got to have it

While the majority of critics and competitors may consider this minor catch as a huge disadvantage–or the ultimate reason not to get this application–Apple’s representatives have made one thing clear in a number of ways: There is no catch. If anything, this is nothing more than just a way to get the users who have FaceTime to push their family, friends and others who do not have it to get it, with hope that they will do the same with their friends and others they know.

If there is only one thing worth mentioning, it is this: FaceTime Video Call is here to stay for good!